Featured Shop: Bean and Bug Babyknits

I am super excited to introduce Bean and Bug Babyknits as the feature shop for this week. So, so cute!!!
Here are some fun and interesting facts:
1) I am a stay-at-home mom of two little girls, Bean and Bug, living in Charleston, SC. My grandmother taught me to knit as a little girl and I have always loved the hobby. As my friends started having children, I began knitting baby clothes as gifts. Then I became a mom myself and was able to knit for my own girls. I have often been told that I should sell my knitting, so I thought why not, and thus begun Bean and Bug Babyknits.
2) I love knitting because I can pretty much do it anywhere – on long car rides, while watching TV, or at the park with my girls. I’ve even been known to knit in a movie theater here and there. My husband loves it on road trips because he says that I am a lot less nervous rider while I am knitting. I love exploring new yarns and textures. I am very picky about he yarns I use. I could spend hours (and have) at our local knitting store downtown.

3) It has been pretty easy to balance managing Bean and Bug Babyknits and managing my family. I have always knitted so my family is used to that part and I can mostly manage the business side while my girls are in school or after they have gone to bed. I love for my girls to see my knitting and to be excited about it. I can’t wait to teach them and pass down my grandmother’s legacy.

4) I love making baby items and that is pretty much all I do. I love to tackle a new project and have had fun doing that for Etsy. My favorite new items are the pacifier clips. I really statrted Etsy on a whim and because I had several items stocked up and on one to give thm too. I have been blown away with the response and how much fun I have had with it. I especially love “meeting” new people online and brainstorming making items for the : yarn, color, sizes…

Check out Bean and Bug Babyknits at www.beanandbugbabyknits.etsy.com You won’t be sorry and can find some very unique items perfect your little one or next baby shower gift.

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