Lunch, Lunch and More Lunch

In light of all of the publicity about childhood obesity and school lunches…I wondered to myself how will I keep it interesting for my child over the school years.  She is only two and goes to Mothers Day Out twice a week.  I’m already lost on packing lunch.  I’ve already felt that her lunches have become boring……how will I make it thru elementary school????

So, I started researching lunch ideas to keep it exciting and also to keep her trying new foods.  I am very blessed that I do not have a picky child.  I found a few really great websites that I wanted to share….they have helped me already to try some new things for my child and even for my husband’s lunch box.  –  Love this site.  Great Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Hope this helps.  It has definitely been a big relief for me to be able to have some more ideas…..and don’t forget the notes in the lunchbox for those preschoolers and beyond… love a little extra encouragement throughout the day.

Happy Cooking!


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