Nursery Color Trends for 2012 and beyond

As I set out to start a new bedding collection, I wanted to make sure that I knew what was hot for 2012.  What are all of the hot colors for this year, themes, etc.  Time to dig in and do some research…..

“Modern baby-room trends can echo color combinations that are also popular elsewhere in the house. Grey and yellow or black and white pairs are favorites for those who appreciate a modernist approach. Bold vibrant colors are also popular. Traditional parents tend to favor vintage white with pastel accents or green and violet pastel combinations. Eco-conscious parents will probably carry their earthy color theme from the rest of the house right into the nursery.”

As great and true as this quote is…..I think it basically states that any and all colors are the norm in nurseries today. No more just pink, blue or yellow.  The combinations are endless for new babies room.

Color Trends for Summer 2013 are already being shown as  3 “themes” from the fashion industry –  Interfiliere


A fresh, summery colour range, full of energy for a romantic spirit, where refined candour combines with the simplicity of spring flowers, delicate fabric treatments lend finesse and nature in its simplest form, aquatic and organic, offers lightness and structure.


A palette of natural tones aged over time, with casual accents for an authentic and nostalgic theme, combining a carefree, simple, country style with a modern take on traditional methods and “hand-made” effects.


Bright shades with pops of invigorating color for a leisure-time, weekend feel, ideal for intimates, loungewear and beachwear where civilized nature and culture take centre stage for a vibrant, graphic and energetic look.
Motifs feature plants in movement, birds of paradise and fiery shades.

So, I guess the question is will this also work in a Nursery Setting…..

My take on these 3 “themes” are my opinion only…

DELICIOUS: Beautiful Pinks, Greens, Yellows, Blues and Greys…..Not Bright, but Subtle and Beautiful mixed with Sheer Fabrics for Window Treatments.  A nursery with an organic feel.

FADE IN TIME:  Shabby Chic and Fabulous.  Linen, Lace and Anything Heirloom.  A look that has aged over time.  I love Linen crib skirts, Lace Crib skirts or Better Yet…..Linen and Lace with Faded Pink or Blue Ticking Sheets and Floral Bumper Pads.  Hardwood Floors and Chandeliers.  Soft Chenille Fabrics and Plush Minky.

INTENSE:  Brighter colors using Reds, Turquoise Blues, Oranges, Yellows and Greens – I would say this would be a consideration for a modern style nursery paired with Glossy White Furniture.  Fun and Bold accessories.

All of these fabrics are available at for any Design Your Own Bedding Set.  Take these ideas as suggestions for building your own nursery or let us help you.

Until Next Time!

~the little chick


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