Easter Fun with the Little One…

I’m always searching for interesting things to do with my two year old that are fun for her, but not incredibly hard or messy for me…..is there such a thing as “no mess fun” with a 2+ year old…..if you find, please let me know.

Since Easter is right around the corner, we decided that we will make Easter Bunny Cupcakes and Decorations so off to Pinterest I go to see what kind of great ideas are out there…why reinvent to wheel, right.  As I was looking for Easter bunny cupcakes, I also stumbled upon some really cute ideas for cupcakes for other times of the year so I’m going to share them now instead of putting it away for later…..mostly because I will probably forget about it.

Some of the really great cupcake toppers that I found are below:

I absolutely adore these shabby chic style bunny rabbits.  You can’t go wrong with Peter Cottontail at Easter.  Find these at Unify on Etsy….adorable!

Easter Cupcake Toppers, Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers, Cupcake Toppers, Sandwich Picks, Bunny, Peter Cotton Tail, Set of 12

Another great option for toppers from SoCuteParties:

24 Vintage Chocolate  Easter Cupcake Toppers in Pink Yellow Light Blue and Purple
Vintage Chocolate Easter Cupcake Toppers

Love these toppers for a Mother’s Day Brunch…..You can find these at CatchSomeRaes.

24 Party Picks, Cupcake Toppers, Shabby Chic, Butterflies
Butterfly Party Picks

Let’s say you don’t want to use paper and want an ALL edible cupcake…here are some great fondant options.  Mustache and Ties from Parker’s Flour Patch:

Fondant Mustache, Tie and Bow Tie Onesie Toppers for Birthday or Baby Shower Cupcakes, Cookies or Mini-Cakes
Mustaches and Ties…

…..jungle theme. Here you go!  These incredibly cute little animals are at the Cupcake Stylist.

Set of 5 Edible Fondant Safari Animal Cake and Cupcake Toppers
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

I’ve spent so much time looking for cute toppers and just haven’t found exactly what I was looking for, so we are going to try and come up with something on our own based on all of the great ideas we’ve found.  This should be fun, interesting and extremely messy!!!!  Stay Tuned…….

Happy Baking,

~the little chick~


I found this really great stool…..now what do I do with it??

I found this really great old stool in my father-in-law’s barn and I felt like it was the perfect piece for my kitchen since my daughter is old enough to love watching me cook and “helping” as well.  This piece definitely needed a little TLC, but I didn’t want it to look completely brand new either.  I love this finished project and wanted to share!

Chair After

At first, I wasn’t really sure the best way to go about restoring this stool.  The nuts and bolts holding it together were so rusted, I wasn’t sure we would be able to get them off.  It took both my husband and I to turn them, but once we got them off……we chunked them an decided to get all new.

Parts and Pieces

Once I got the entire stool apart….the next item on the list was cleaning and sanding…..lots and lots of sanding.  I used a sanding block with a sandpaper specific for removing dust.  I even used a wire bristle brush around the screw holes to get out all of the dirt and rust.

After the sanding was done (worst part) came the fun part.  Painting!!!

I taped up all the red areas that I didn’t want white on first.  Some parts were painted red with Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch in Colonial Red Gloss, but you could use whatever you like.

My paint choice
Back and Sides

Painting Complete!  After the Red dried, I used a small paint brush on the parts that could not be sprayed.  I sprayed a small amount of spray in a cup and used it that way.

The tread on the steps could be replaced if need be, but I wanted to keep it so I cleaned it with mineral spirits and fortunately it looked great.

My daughter loves the stool and it is perfect for her to drag around the kitchen and jump up wherever she needs it…….which is not always a good thing.


Happy Designing!!

~the little chick~

Sugar Ant Invasion = New Organized Pantry

Waking up on Monday morning and heading into the pantry for a big bowl of cereal…….what do we find???? THE GREAT ANT INVASION!!! You really gotta love this time of year when those pesky little sugar ants come into your home. But this post isn’t about the ants, but about the brand new amazing pantry that came out of it. My pantry was a disaster, I’m not going to lie.  It was in need of a makeover……

Before Pantry (with no ants)
Before Pantry

So, let the fun begin….I knew I wanted to add a different color to the shelf backs, but I didn’t have the time to paint since my pantry was all over my kitchen. I found a great website with a pantry similar to mine that had a vinyl backing, but didn’t have time to order.  If you have the time….this would be a great option:  http://www.thehouseofsmithsdesigns.com/product/quatrefoil-design-1-sheet

The House of Smiths Design Blog

I truly love this color and design, but it doesn’t fit with my decor. I wanted to wallpaper, but didn’t have time, so I got the next best thing…..adhesive contact paper.  It’s a great alternative to wallpaper (in small areas) and fairly easy to apply.  I choose a paper from Target, but there are so many options out there:

Target Floral Celery

A great website for fun contact papers:  http://www.designyourwall.com/store/Self-Adhesive-Shelf-Liner-Contact-paper-c-123.html http://www.interiorplace.com/categories/Contact-Paper-Self-Adhesive-shelf-liners/Most of my shelves had already been lined with adhesive cork paper, but I did finish up what was left.  I used paper purchased from Container Store.

Self-Adhesive Cork Shelf Liner

Here are pictures of the finished pantry with Contact Paper “Wallpaper” and Cork Shelf Liner.

Finished "Wallpaper"
Finished "Wallpaper"

Okay….now time to put everything back…a little more organized than before.  I  had a few organizational tools, but I did decide to make a trip to Target to get a few more.  I added some glass storage for all of my baking items and some plastic storage for my cereals, snacks, etc.  Baskets for smaller items and some larger baskets and boxes for larger items.

Glass Storage Containers from Target

I added labels to my glass containers for Sugar, Oats, Flour, Rice Pasta, etc.  I got the labels from a great Free template:  http://thepaintedhive.blogspot.com/2012/02/magic-decal-transfer-tutorial-with-free.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ThePaintedHive+%28The+Painted+Hive%29&utm_content=Google+ReaderThe Painted Hive shows you how to do vinyl decal, which in all honestly would probably look better, but considering I was on a time crunch,  I decided to use clear sticker paper and just print the labels and cut them out.  I’m happy with the end result, it works for me.  Another option would be chalkboard labels which you could change the label as often as necessary.

Chalkboard Labels

So without further hesitation, here is the final pantry…..

Small Storage
Labeled Glass Storage Jars

I hope this has been helpful if you are trying to redo a pantry, but I hope that the reason you have to do it is not because of a sugar ant invasion.

Happy Organizing!

~the little chick~