I found this really great stool…..now what do I do with it??

I found this really great old stool in my father-in-law’s barn and I felt like it was the perfect piece for my kitchen since my daughter is old enough to love watching me cook and “helping” as well.  This piece definitely needed a little TLC, but I didn’t want it to look completely brand new either.  I love this finished project and wanted to share!

Chair After

At first, I wasn’t really sure the best way to go about restoring this stool.  The nuts and bolts holding it together were so rusted, I wasn’t sure we would be able to get them off.  It took both my husband and I to turn them, but once we got them off……we chunked them an decided to get all new.

Parts and Pieces

Once I got the entire stool apart….the next item on the list was cleaning and sanding…..lots and lots of sanding.  I used a sanding block with a sandpaper specific for removing dust.  I even used a wire bristle brush around the screw holes to get out all of the dirt and rust.

After the sanding was done (worst part) came the fun part.  Painting!!!

I taped up all the red areas that I didn’t want white on first.  Some parts were painted red with Rust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch in Colonial Red Gloss, but you could use whatever you like.

My paint choice
Back and Sides

Painting Complete!  After the Red dried, I used a small paint brush on the parts that could not be sprayed.  I sprayed a small amount of spray in a cup and used it that way.

The tread on the steps could be replaced if need be, but I wanted to keep it so I cleaned it with mineral spirits and fortunately it looked great.

My daughter loves the stool and it is perfect for her to drag around the kitchen and jump up wherever she needs it…….which is not always a good thing.


Happy Designing!!

~the little chick~


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