Salute to the Mommy!

Mommy Madness
Mommy Madness

Seriously, I think this particular card explains it all.  Today started out as one of those days that you “hope you don’t run into anyone you know…..”  and of course that means you will run into everyone.

Today my hair decided to do its own thing and so did my daughter. Not that she was bad because she definitely was not.  She just decided today was a good day to assert some independence.  There are definite pros and cons to this…..we actually made it to the potty all day today with no accidents. (Okay, I will have a bad hair day everyday if this is what happens).  The cons; however, are that we don’t feel the need to use our inside voice or hold hands in the parking lots, which makes it very difficult when I’m carrying all the things I went into the store “not to buy.”  I didn’t actually leave with anything that I was there to purchase.

So, today I salute the mommy’s out there who have more than one child.  I don’t know how you do it and I have the utmost respect for you.  Here are a few decadent ideas for you to try on yourselves tonight when you get the kiddo’s in bed.  I will definitely be indulging in a nice glass of vino and a good book!!!

Courtesy of Lulu's Blog
Courtesy of Lulu’s Blog
Courtesy of Back on Pointe
















Once you have your relaxing spa treatments….here’s a great source from some aromatherapy:


Courtesy of Bien-etre
Courtesy of Bien-etre

(This information can also be found here courtesy of Bien-etre.)

“Herbs and flowers are nature’s medicine. Use this key of my favorite scents to create a scent bar!Scent bars are an easy way to incorporate the healing benefits of Mother Nature. I keep these dried herbs on hand for drawer and closet sachets, tea, bath soaks and body scrubs! You can find dried herbs in most health food stores, or order them online. You may have access to some of these plants as well. If so, collect them and dry them yourself in a small brown bag for a few days.

Jasmine: Antidepressant and Soothing
Lavender: Healing
Lemon Balm: Brightening
Peppermint: Uplifting and Cooling
Rose Hips: Strengthening
Rose Petals: Beautifying
Rosemary: Awakening
Sage: Grounding
Chamomile: Calming

For sachets:
Place 3 heaping tablespoons of selected herb into cheesecloth bag and tie to secure – easy!

For tea:
Bring 8 cups of water to a boil, then remove from heat and add5-7 tablespoons of selected herbs (or combination)
Let steep for at least 15 minutes
Strain herbs and pour into your favorite mug
Add stevia or honey, of desired, and enjoy!

For Bath Soak:
Take one of those sachets, and throw it into a warm bath
optional: add in a large handful of Epsom salts

For Scrubs:
Crush ¼ cup of selected herbs in small bowl
Add ½ cup turbinado sugar or sea salt to crushed herbs
Add in ¼ cup oil of choice (I like coconut)
Massage into damp skin in shower or tub and rinse thoroughly”

Here’s to hoping you have a relaxing evening and the kiddo’s stay asleep!!!!



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