Kid’s Project: Egg Carton Color Nature Walk

After being stuck inside while it rained, we saw the sun was out today and the rain was coming again this weekend, we thought……..”better get out and get moving, asap!”

I ran across this idea a few months ago and I really wish that I could remember the blogger so I could give her credit, but I cannot. So….needless to say, this was not my idea, but I think it is great and we had a fantastic time creating it.


First you will need an egg carton.  I cut the top off so it would be easier to carry, but that’s up to you.

Next, I had my daughter use her crayons and color each of the “egg holes” a different color.


After that, we headed outside for our nature walk and filled the egg carton with all of the different colors of nature……Blue was the hardest to find by the way!!!

madelyn flower eggcarton

egg carton project 3









We were lucky to find some really good finds, but I did have to get on her about  grabbing out of people’s flower pots.

egg cartonproject2

egg carton project 4















At the end of the day, it was a fun project and a great way to talk about flowers, nature and colors while getting a little exercise and mommy time.



Happy Coloring!