Infinity Scarves


Gray Chevron Scarf
photo courtesy of Rosenbrooke Village

The new kids infinitely scarves have arrived and these are super cute! Perfect for the cool weather and great colors for Spring.  $15 for Kids, $21 for 13 & Up!

Can be ordered:

Size 1 – 4 years

Size 5 – 12 years

Size 13 & Up

Color Choices:


Black and WhiteCoral and WhiteTiffany Blue

mustard-whitegray and white

Other color choices coming soon.

Lime Greencarmine and white

Click here to purchase.  Orders have a two-week lead time.  Shipping is $3.00.

Happy Shopping!



Featured Shop: Bean and Bug Babyknits

I am super excited to introduce Bean and Bug Babyknits as the feature shop for this week. So, so cute!!!
Here are some fun and interesting facts:
1) I am a stay-at-home mom of two little girls, Bean and Bug, living in Charleston, SC. My grandmother taught me to knit as a little girl and I have always loved the hobby. As my friends started having children, I began knitting baby clothes as gifts. Then I became a mom myself and was able to knit for my own girls. I have often been told that I should sell my knitting, so I thought why not, and thus begun Bean and Bug Babyknits.
2) I love knitting because I can pretty much do it anywhere – on long car rides, while watching TV, or at the park with my girls. I’ve even been known to knit in a movie theater here and there. My husband loves it on road trips because he says that I am a lot less nervous rider while I am knitting. I love exploring new yarns and textures. I am very picky about he yarns I use. I could spend hours (and have) at our local knitting store downtown.

3) It has been pretty easy to balance managing Bean and Bug Babyknits and managing my family. I have always knitted so my family is used to that part and I can mostly manage the business side while my girls are in school or after they have gone to bed. I love for my girls to see my knitting and to be excited about it. I can’t wait to teach them and pass down my grandmother’s legacy.

4) I love making baby items and that is pretty much all I do. I love to tackle a new project and have had fun doing that for Etsy. My favorite new items are the pacifier clips. I really statrted Etsy on a whim and because I had several items stocked up and on one to give thm too. I have been blown away with the response and how much fun I have had with it. I especially love “meeting” new people online and brainstorming making items for the : yarn, color, sizes…

Check out Bean and Bug Babyknits at You won’t be sorry and can find some very unique items perfect your little one or next baby shower gift.

Featured Shop: Expressions by Devin

Today’s featured designer is Devin Prather of Expressions By Devin. If you are looking for some fabulous items for your kids birthday parties, then this is the place to go. Everything from cupcake toppers, banners, invitations, etc. You can even get a full “Party Pack” with everything you need to have an amazing party.
I asked Devin to tell us a little about herself and here is what she has shared:
I come from a very loving and supportive family. I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have been together for 9 years and married for 4. I loved making crafts and started selling them to my friends. When I found out about Etsy, I knew I had to try it out.
“I love creating new and fun themes and being apart of someone’s special event. I love coming up with an idea and seeing the finished product.”
Alot of people ask me how I balance a business and my family … I asked Devin the same questions.
“I try to get as much done when my husband is at work so when he gets home or has a day off, we can relax and spend some time together.”
Devin’s advice to other Etsy designers: “Do what you love and never give up. If you work at your business hard enough and love what you do, you will go far.”
As most creative people will say, the favorite items we create are custom. The same is true for Devin.
“All my items are my favorites, but my favorite themes are custom requests. I love creating new themes and coming up with new ideas.”
Make sure you check out Devin’s shop: Expressions by Devin at
You won’t be sorry!!

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