School is right around the corner….

School is getting closer and the lazy days of summer will be over soon.  We are busy getting ready at our house.  We are ordering lunchboxes and getting backpacks monogrammed.  The Little Chick has a few to choose from this season.  Princess, Woodland Animals, Hello Kitty Kat and Firetrucks.  We can also order solid colors.  $24.95 without monogram and $29.95 with monogram…..and guess what, we ship too!  Order now before July 25th for August Delivery.  Contact us here and we will send you invoice information.

I’ve also been hard at work trying to find new and exciting ideas for my kiddos lunchbox so we aren’t stuck with the same old boring lunch everyday.  I found these adorable lunchbox printables from The Crafted Sparrow that I thought I would share as well.  I’ve already got mine printed and ready to go….

The Crafted Sparrow Printable Lunchbox Notes



I mean how cute are these and there are a few weeks to choose from.  I’m working on clean-eating lunchbox ideas now so hopefully I will have some to share soon.

Happy Summer!


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Still Going…..

Still training….and actually starting to enjoy it.  WHAT?????  How did that happen.  It’s amazing what happens when you get off the sofa.  It took just that for me.  I was in Dillards shopping with my husband one evening and I was talking to the salesman while hubby was trying on shoes. He had said he just lost 20 lbs and; of course, as we all do….I asked, “How did you do it?”  He gave me the most amazing answer I have ever received.

He said, “I got up!”  Wow!  How crazy is that.  You know what,  I had been lazy in my training for the previous weeks and that one comment changed it around for me. I GOT UP!  and I’m enjoying it.

So for those of you out there who are on the edge and trying, but not really trying, I will say it to you as well.  I GOT UP!

I joined a training group and I’m getting it done. I’m actually so excited about running the Disney marathon in January that I signed up for the Little Rock Marathon in March.  Crazy, I know.

Here is the link for the Little Rock marathon training plan.

I would love for you to join me and share your stories even if you aren’t signed up for a race.  Just make a change today and Get Up!

Happy Running!






A Highlight of My Week…

The Little Chick’s Bowties are featured in the August 2013 edition of Southern Living Magazine and I couldn’t be more excited.  My shop is in a lovely old home called The Shoppes on Woodlawn in Little Rock, Arkansas and we are listed in the “Places to Shop in Little Rock.”

SLAug2013Cover-cmSouthern Living Page

My bowties are for purchase at the Shoppes on Woodlawn, My Etsy shop and and I couldn’t be prouder.  The Little Chick will also be featured on local Little Rock Channel KARK 4 on August 8th at noon.

Looking forward to continuing this exciting 2013 with two upcoming shows in November.  More to Come!